Sunday, March 30, 2008

Shoes, shoes and more shoes:)

Hello friends and family! It's me again with another rambling of sorts:) So I sent out an email and told some people that one of the things we get to bless the kiddos in Zambia with are a new pair of shoes on Thursday of camp. We give them a pair of socks and then tie the shoes on their precious, beaten up feet. They go absolutely nuts! So we found out at our last meeting that we were 4000 shoes short. That would be a terrible thing except that we have a God that is bigger than any number. We all knew that if we went to him "ask and you shall receive" and he would provide. And provide He did through many generous people. Some were christians and some were not which is amazing because what a testimony! We got to our meeting tonight and started zip tying shoes together and sorting by size and gender. It was amazing! We had a big moving truck full of shoes and the great part is that this was the third truck! The meetings in Austin and Houston had tons of shoes too! Thank you Lord! And I just wanted to share the pics and the story with you guys. Thank you so much to all that gave shoes. I cannot tell you what a huge blessing you have been a part of for these orphans. Be blessed knowing that the shoes have been prayed over and these kids will be walking in prayers! Thank you! Praise the Lord!
Enjoy the pics!

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