Sunday, March 23, 2008

Victory is ours....

Happy Easter! I pray that each of you are blessed today and are overwhelmed at what today stands for in your walk with the Saviour. I was reminded in a powerful word over the last couple of days at church. My pastor gave an amazing sermon on the "first Easter". I think that I fail to really focus on what Easter is about and all that took place on that first Easter. And truthfully, that is something I will never do again. Not only did Jesus die and then rise again, he made a way for us to live in hope and love. He paved the way to the Father for us. I think about how we would live if Jesus has just refused the Father's plan for death on the cross. Imagine with would mean nothing. I would live in fear knowing that I have no hope for tomorrow. Satan would have power in the world and over our lives. Dying would be just that, an end to life that was miserable anyway. But instead, we have a Father that sent his son. Jesus stepped in and took my place in misery, pain, and death. Satan was defeated that day and all we have to say to him now when he comes to "steal, kill and destroy" is GO TO HELL!!!! Praise the Lord! Not only do we have a blessed life, we have a victorious life!!! And a risen and alive King, Lord, Father, Saviour, and Friend! Take a second and figure out who he is to you today! Bless you all!

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