Monday, March 17, 2008


I was just thinkin' today how blessed we are to have moms. Mine is pretty great. She came to town this weekend to hang out and enjoy the babies first birthday. It's always fun to have her here so I feel like I can semi resort back to the days when she was responsible for me. She was in the next room at night so I never had to be afraid. She bought the gas or the little snacks along the way home. She got our refills at the dinner table or rubbed my feet/back when I was sore. And most importantly, hugged me and loved on me, reminding me how precious a mother is. And I got to see all that echoed for her by my Meme. And truthfully I got a double whammy of attention and love because Meme dished it out to me too!:) I think that is part of the reason I look forward to being a mom so badly, because I want some precious little ones to know the love that my brother and I have received from her and Meme. I don't think it is possible to blame any of the woman that I have become on anyone but my momma and my Meme. So thanks, and that is not nearly enough. Love you both!


The Durham's said...

Ok, this kindof made me tear a little! I had to call my mama after reading this:) You are so precious!! Thanks for hanging out:) Love you!

Hulsey Fam said...

wow that was really sweet, thanks for sharing your heart, it really blessed me:) love ya

The Buster Bunch said...

Oh, your mom and meme are amazing!!! You are so blessed to have such an amazing relationship with both of them. Love them. Love you!